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We try to anticipate questions you might have about our SERVICE and provide the answers here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our SERVICE and provide the answers here.

Why are Elite Detailing prices higher?

Elite Detailing spends more time on our work. We do not believe in shortcuts, rushing, or buying cheap chemicals that only look good for a day or two. Our work does speak for itself, just look at the pictures.

Why should Elite Detailing wax your automobile?

Normally, you get your car washed of the dirt on it and then someone places a carnauba wax on top of the paint.
Every automobile needs to be polished or glazed to bring out the color, this is what keeps your automobile looking new and not that dull paint look. Also the paint should be cleaned of any oxidation, industrial fallout, and etc. that might be in the paint by a process called claying. After all this is done, than you apply a wax on top of the paint to make it look outstanding.

What is the typical detail?

A typical detail is where a detailer only cleans your car just to make it look clean. After it rains, the paint is still dull and the waxes do not last that long. Sooner or later, your automobile looks decent on the inside, but the paint looks faded, crack, or is peeling off from lack of polishing and proper waxing.

What are swirls?

Swirls are those waving lines or holograms in the paint. They are left in the paint by inexperienced detailers, use of the wrong pad, polish/wax, or by the hand. They are most likely to be seen under a florescent light at a mall at night or on a bright sunny day.

Can swirls be removed?

Yes! Swirls can be removed or filled. When inexperienced detailers have left deep swirls in the paint, a complete buff job must be done to remove them. Otherwise, it is a simple polish/glaze job that will fill or remove them from the paint. The swirl remover you buy at your local auto store will only fill and remove light swirls. They cannot remove deep swirls.

What wax does Elite Detailing use?

Elite Detailing uses a few different waxes. First off, we do not use Meguairs or Blue Corral. There are some others that look outstanding and others that last longer than them.

We use brands like Zaino's, One Grand, P21, Griots Garage, Klasse, and Pro products to bring out the best shine in the world. These are very expensive. You could buy them yourself for the same price we pay, but with the right detail shop you can make these waxes look super duper.

Also certain cars deserve different waxes like black cars, garage queens, show cars, and European cars.