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Mobile Car Wash & Detail

At Elite Detail, we don't believe you should have to waste your time running through an automatic car wash. Why risk getting your car scratched by the brushes, harsh chemicals on your car, and numerous new employees jumping around your car? We provide a car wash and detailing on-site. We come to your house or at home. Best of all we don't need anything, just your keys and a place to park.

With the mobile wash, you might just want to have us come by your work. No job is too big. The most cars ever washed in a day by Elite Detailing is over 100 cars. Heck, that puts us in the car wash business next to the big boys. House calls are $25 per vehicle. Business calls are $20 for cars, $25 for trucks, and just $10 for either the inside or outside. With business calls, a mandatory three cars are required per visit.

Keys and everything needs to be ready for Elite Detailing upon arrival. Please be aware, due to traffic sometimes give us ample time to show up.

Man Posing with a Lamborghini