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Garage Front View With Luxury Car


Washing Car Lots

Do you own a car lot? If so give Elite Detailing a call. At Elite Detailing we provide service to car lots within 55 miles around Bowling Green, Kentucky. Meaning we do travel. We service Franklin, Munsfordsville, Glasgow, Russellville, and a few other towns.

We provide hand wash: cars washed down with soapy water and mitts, rinsed, and dried off with our microfiber towels.

We provide rinse & shammy: cars sprayed down and dried off with our microfiber towels.

What about scratches? Scratches are kept to a minimum due to the use of microfiber towels being used, not chammy's. Also at Elite Detail, we replace our towels after a certain number of cars due to their condition.

There is no limit to how many cars are required, just be prompt with paying and we will be there. Scheduling is not a problem, but please call beforehand.

Something to think about. Whether it is 105 degrees outside or 26 degrees below freezing, we are still outside washing cars. Yeah, you could hire someone and do it in-house. But you don't have to worry about us not showing up for work, excuses like being sick, need a day off, and etc. Get the point. You want the job done, just call me and let's do something.